Technical Cooperation

Modern Internet-based technologies are indispensable nowadays, wherever you go. But the necessary infrastructure is not yet available in the target countries of many development projects. merckens development support provides the necessary technical conditions for an efficient and effective operational use of modern technologies, even in remote regions.

In addition to modern telephone communication systems and network technologies, we specialize in satellite-based Internet connectivity. With our help, you will have reliable high-speed access to the Internet even in remote crisis-ridden areas of the planet.

  • Satellite-based Internet connectivity: Our stationary and mobile connections via satellite guarantee maximum uptime with technologies “Made in Germany”. Data transmission services are provided by a German hub with guaranteed data rates 365 days a year. Installation and maintenance is carried out by certified engineers who are on call 24/7.
  • Robust IT solutions for NGOs: We plan and implement robust IT solutions for use in developing countries and customised to the needs of NGOs. We also provide powerful and robust solutions that integrate server, desktop and mobile systems, helping your country offices to use their resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Software to facilitate development cooperation: We advise, plan and implement software concepts tailored to the requirements of global development cooperation organisations. You benefit from our partnership with the internationally experienced Wilken Ciwi GmbH, Ulm, Germany. Wilken Ciwi GmbH develops software solutions specifically for the field of development cooperation.
  • Closing of the “Digital Divide”: We offer consultancy services on the use of IT technologies for social development in emerging countries and conflict regions.