Project Development

merckens development support’s services cover the entire process of project development from the initial conception through detailed planning and financing to implementation. On request we will also evaluate your project after its completion and measure a variety of success indicators.

Our services:

  • Strategic planning: Based on your project idea we construct a detailed project design and concept and will advise you on all aspects of its implementation and management.
  • Project development: We support you in developing a detailed professional project plan from the original draft for your partners and funding agencies.
  • Fundraising: If you require funding by private or public donors, we support you through the preparation of project proposals and during the entire application process.
  • Research: Successful project proposals rely on robust research based on a sound knowledge of the developmental context. We produce studies of the political, economic and social contexts in the countries in which you wish to operate.
  • Networks and partnerships: Many projects require international cooperation partners. We can find the right initiatives or qualified individuals for your initiative in all regions of the world.
  • Project and financial management: Whether PCM, ZOPP, LFM or Capacity WORKS: we clarify the confusion of global developmental methods, instruments, techniques and tools, specifically when it comes to project management. At your request, we also carry out the financial management of your initiative from budgeting to final report.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: We monitor the progress of your development projects during their entire lifetime and evaluate their success based on recognised indicators.


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